• biocompatibility
  • aesthetic
  • maximum color-fidelity
  • rapid reconstruction


In cases when the set of teeth are in functional and aesthetic harmony, or the status of teeth does
not require a restoration of larger volume to recover carious, broken teeth, wear of epithelial cuff
(tooth neck), or there is non-extended discoloration in the smile line to be detected, we apply
cosmetical fillings, tooth-coloring.

Our basic treatment principle is that we fill directly (without dental technical background) only
proper sized cavities where we should not count with the shrinking of the filling material.
We reach this high aesthetic level with a layer-technique and with a special coloring method.

With the help of the sectional system and special coloring methods we can reach high aesthetic
Our surgeries use filling materials and coloring sets in premium quality which are indispensable to
guarantee the most natural color effect of fillings.

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