• total regaining of the chewing function
  • aesthetic appearence
  • high comfort feeling
  • short manufacturing deadline (8 days)



When we have very few teeth to work with but under the given circumstances we would like to
prepare the best possible tooth prosthesis fixed to 2-2 teeth at a time, we may provide the excellent
fixation of the prosthesis with a stage solution.
At the ’stage method’ the 2 teeth or a straight ’bar’serve as support for the prosthesis.

This way the removable tooth prosthesis provides the ’fixation’.
The artificial teeth of the tooth prosthesis manufactured with this method are choosen by the
dentist, through this we are securing the perfect aesthetic appearance professionally.


If through the rest of the patient’s teeth or the number and location (status) of his/her implantates 
the preparation of fixed dental plates (arches) can not be made possible any more, then we can
restore the chewing-, speaking-, and aesthetic function by a prosthesis of dental plates.

Dental plates of these tooth prosthesis consist of a thin ’base-sheet’ of metal.

This kind of tooth prosthesis is fixed by invisible fine mechanic elements to the crowns, through this
the aesthetic appearence of the prosthesis is optimal, and at the same time visible metal clamps can
be avoided.

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