• the most optimal long lasting solution
  • in case of full lack of teeth a fix replacement can be constructed
  • in case of partial lack of teeth the preparation of own teeth can be avoided
  • high comfort feeling
  • excellent stability
  • 5 years guarantee (crowns), 10 years manufacturer’s guarantee (implants)

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A long lasting, durable, reliable and economic solution for the elimination of tooth gaps.


The implanted materials have to comply with the strictest requirements. They must be compatible
with the living tissue, can not have poisonous, allergic or tumorous effect, and must not corrode.

The material of the implants applied in our surgeries is pure, unalloyed titanium which has a layer of
titanium-oxide on its surface. They are screwed into the mandible and after the integration
(ossyfying) time, these screws will be used as artificial roots where mainly dental plates and arches
can be built on with the help of superstructures.

Advantages of implantation tooth replacements:

  • chewing can be easier, stomach complaints are eliminated
  • the patients have a comfort-feeling
  • the aesthetics of the face is changing to its advantage
  • a younger appearence is achieved, the self esteem of the patients is gained back
  • the removable prosthesis is replaced or stabilized
  • since it is not necessary to prepare existing teeth next to tooth gaps, bridges can be avoided


  • an implantation is not possible in case of an acute illness, fever, in case of usage blood
    thinning medication
  • until the age of 18 years, because the growth of jawbones is not yet finished
  • if there is an inflammation at the site of the planned implantation
  • during pregnancy
  • 2 years after radiation-treatment or chaemotherapie
  • if there is only minimum bone-substance available
  • in case of alcoholism, heavy smoking, drug addiction
  • system diseases, immunity disturbances
  • in case of specific infections
  • unfavourable anatomy conditions
  • chronic oral mucous membrane disease
  • in case of usage of medicaments for osteoporosis

The process of implantation:

  1. 1. Preliminary examination and planning

Our patients, registered for implantation in our dental surgeries, will take part in a free explorative
consultation, when anamnesis will be taken, a comprehensive clinical examination, CT, panoramic X-
ray is made, as well as the detailed information of the patients about the complete procedure of the
implantation and its foreseeable result is taking place.

  1. 2. Implantation-operation

Following the operation soft-laser treatments will be applied to aid wound recovery. We provide all
of our patients with a special post-operation hygienic package.

  1. 3. Recovery after operation

After one week the stitches will be removed. In case of smaller operations self absorbent stitches are
used. Following that the body of implantate under the gum will recover during the next 3-6 months.

  1. 4. Prosthetic service

Following the recovery time after a check-up via a control X-ray exposure recovery screws will be
removed from the implantates and the superconstruction stump with the right height and axial
standing structure will be fixed. These superstructures will build the foundation of the crowns and
bridges later.

  1. 5.After-care and control

Following the prosthetic service we are providing our patients with useful oral hygienic advices. We
make an appointment in 3-6 months where patients are asked to come back and we check their oral
hygiene and the function and stability of their implants.

It should be stressed that a successful operation and recovery gives no guarantee for success on the
long run! Without proper oral hygiene the patients may lose their implants just like their teeth as
well precociously!

Exactly because of this reason in our dental surgeries we are taking extra attention to the after-care
of the prosthesis.


Zircon crowns


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