• restorement of the correct chewing function
  • abolition of teeth malformation
  • protection of the jaw line joint
  • creation of a harmonic smile


Who wouldn’t be impressed by a beautiful smile?

It is undeniable that beautiful, symmetrical teeth play an enormous role in the aesthetic appearance
of the face.
However, it is a lesser known fact that properly fitting dental arches contribute to the correct
functioning of the stomatognathic system.

What problems can be caused by irregular teeth and malocclusion?

  • Asymmetrical and jammed teeth are more difficult to clean, leading to a greater risk of
  • Irregular interdental contact weakens the supporting structures of the teeth, which in time
    leads to the loosening or premature loss of teeth.
  • Ill-fitting dental arches may cause mandibular joint problems.

What is the appropriate age for an orthodontic treatment?

Nowadays orthodontic treatments are not any more the priviledge of children. Although some
irregularities with orthodontic apparatuses can only be corrected in childhood, adult treatments are
becoming more and more prevalent.
Nowadays dentistry is becoming increasingly specialised, resulting in an increasingly better standard
of care. However, in order to reach the best results, the representants of the specialised areas (oral
surgery, prosthetics, periodontology) are keen to collaborate.

ÍIn this way orthodontic treatments can be used before or during certain tooth prosthetics or oral
surgery treatments, this way ensuring a better outcome.
Removable apparatuses

These are used in childhood, for primary and mixed dentition (when the child has primary and
permanent teeth as well). Removable apparatuses are not fixed to the teeth and they are less
uncomfortable to use. They must be worn at home after school or at night. There are various types
of removable apparatuses, from which the most suitable is chosen for the individual case.

Fixed apparatuses

Fixed apparatuses are fitted and removed by the dentist.
They can be worn during childhood and during adulthood as well.
There is a great selection of fixed apparatuses. In our dental surgeries we use the most modern and
one of the most attractive orthodontic systems.

 INNOVATION Can orthodontic system

This version of apparatus applies milder power than the traditional systems, which means less
discomfort and sensitivity for patients during the movements of their denture.

It provides better oral hygiene and enhanced comfort during treatment, because unlike traditional
systems, it does not use elastics that often become discoloured.

This Interactive™ technology leads to faster and more precise orthodontic treatment results.

Treatment time can be cut by several months even, thanks to the gentle, but continuous pressure

We use metal and aesthetic versions.

Exactly as no two individuals are alike also dental anomalies are characterised by individual
differences. That is why planning of the treatments in our surgeries are entirely tailor-made to

 Orthodontic treatment procedure:

Following the initial examination we develop an individual treatment plan with a specific time-
schedule and the costs involved.

First visit

  • Consultation
  • Assessment of dental status, panoramic X-ray

Second visit

  • Evaluation of X-ray images
  • Impression of the upper and lower jaws
  • Discussion with the patient about treatment options
  • Preparing the treatment plan and the price quotation

Third visit

  • Handing over the agreed apparatus, fitting the fixed one

If both dental arches require treatment, the second apparatus is fitted within 4-6 weeks after the
first one.
The invisible orthodontic apparatus – CLEAR ALIGNER

Should there be a case that for you the disadvantages of a fixed apparatus are aesthetically or fonicly
insurmountable, a therapy with transparent removable splints can serve as an alternative.
In our dental surgeries we are working with CLEAR ALIGNER, that is a series of apparatuses offering a
punctuality to the thousandth of a millimeter through their individually computer-driven planning
and execution.
Considering the most modern technology this aparatus is more expenseful as the traditional
A disadvantage of this system is that it is not suitable for bigger corrections.
A huge advantage is the removability, the cleanability and the comfort during wearing.

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