The development and maintenance of an optimal oral-hygiene is the essential condition of a neat
appearance and a healthy life. Despite proper tooth-brushing techniques and regular use of dental
floss, there often appears a discloration on dental enamel, and scale may appear on places being
hard to access. However discoloration and scale cannot be removed any more at home by private

Scale evolves from the unremoved plaques while lime-salts are formed from dental deposits, mainly
composed of bacteria and their metabolites build in.

The professional oral-hygiene treatment eliminates the existing problems on the one hand and will
effectively prevent their formation on the other. It is advisable to go through this treatment every 3-
6 months, while the actual intervals are depending on individual risk factors (smoking, coffee
drinking, individual composition of saliva, forming of scale, jamming of teeth, etc).
The assessment of oral-hygiene challenges and development of more efficient home techniques are
part of the treatment.
Next step is the up-to- date ultrasonic depuration when the solidified formation will be efficiently
eliminated without damaging the dental enamel.
After removing the scale a depuration head, vibrating on ultrasonic frequency, will remove the
calcified deposition from the surface of teeth. Following the scale removal the enamel surface will be
polished by a round brush and a rubber polisher, thus eliminating the plaque retention factors for a
long time.


Discolorations deposited to the surface of dental enamel will be removed painlessly by an intraoral
sand-blast device. The essence of this process is to blast a mixture of air/bicarbonate, fragranced
with refreshing lemon aroma, to the surface of dental enamel, in the form of a wet spray.

The sand-blast device is totally harmless to the hard tissues of teeth and will eliminate very precisely
all kinds of depositions and discolorations, even from the inaccessible gaps of teeth as well. In case of
teeth-bed diseases the Air-Flow treatment can not be conducted.

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